What area do you serve?

I will perform weddings anywhere in the state of Wisconsin, and have also performed weddings in northern Illinois and eastern Iowa. I have performed weddings as far north as Appleton, Sparta, and La Crosse. I perform weddings frequently in the Milwaukee and all of southeast Wisconsin, all of the Madison area, and Wisconsin Dells, just to name a few.

How much do you charge?

My fee is only $425. This includes all of my time and meetings with you to create that very special ceremony that is truly yours, conducting your rehearsal, performing your wedding ceremony, filing your marriage license after the ceremony, and being available at your reception to offer any services you may wish there, such as a blessing before dinner. There are no additional charges such as mileage or hotel if I decide to stay over depending on the location. If the location is requires travel of more than 150 miles one way, there may be a small additional fee.

How can I book our wedding date?

Weddings dates are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Your reservation form and deposit books your wedding date with the balance due by the date of your wedding. I prefer to take care of any balance at the rehearsal. Please call or contact me via the web to verify availability.

How far in advance should you book your wedding officiant?

I have weddings booked as far in advance as a year and a half. You should begin looking for your wedding officiant as soon as you have set the date for your wedding. It is not necessary that you have booked your location before booking with me.

What about our marriage license? Can you help us with that?

Yes, I will be happy to provide any guidance you may need about how and when to get your marriage license. Also, after the ceremony, I’ll make sure everything is signed correctly and filed with the appropriate county office, ensuring that your marriage is legally recognized.

Will you be available to offer a blessing at our wedding reception?

Yes. And may I add that it will be an honor to do so.

Do we need to be of a particular religious faith or denomination for you to perform our ceremony?

No. Couples come to me to create and perform their ceremony for many different reasons. These are three of the more common ones:

  • They do not hold to a particular religious faith or belong to a particular denomination, but do not want to married by a Justice of the Peace or other officer of the court
  • They do hold to a particular religious faith or denomination, but are not active in a church or they wish to be married in a location other than their church
  • They have or come from different religious faiths or denominations and do not want to make a choice in which church they will marry.

I have written and conducted a wide range of type of ceremonies. I have done very traditional ceremonies, ceremonies that included traditions from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Eastern Orthodox, and others including a Jewish/Lutheran ceremony.

Do you require or offer pre-marital counseling (marriage classes)? And what are your fees for these classes?

  • I do offer marriage classes but I do not require them. Marriage Classes
  • Fees for these classes will depend on what you decide you would like.