Marriage Classes

For couples who may be interested in pre-marital counseling (marriage classes), I have designed classes that may be taken as a complete package or the couple may select only those units of which they have an interest.

There are five sessions or units in the complete package:

  1. What is marriage and what are the roles of the husband and wife
  2. Communication and conflict resolution
  3. Budgeting and managing finances
  4. Physical intimacy
  5. Spiritual unity

What is your time commitment?

Each of the five sessions may require up to an hour or an hour and half. If you are interested in the entire package I would recommend the five units be addressed in three meetings. However I am willing to work with your schedules.

What are my fees?

If you decide on the complete package the fee is $50, regardless of the number of meetings. If you decide that you are interested only in individual units, the fee is $15 for each meeting.