First Steps

After we've had a chance to learn more about one another at our getting acquainted meeting, the next step is to complete the reservation form and return it to me, along with your deposit. Your reservation form and deposit books the date of your wedding.

Once I’ve reserved your wedding date, the next thing I’ll do is thank you. I’ll thank you for honoring me with the privilege of making your wedding ceremony truly memorable and meaningful to you for the rest of your lives.

After I've received your reservation and deposit, you will receive a Creation of Your Wedding Ceremony booklet. This booklet contains wordings from a wide variety of religious faiths and traditions. It is not intended to be all-inclusive; it is only intended to help you to begin thinking of the words that you wish to be used in your wedding ceremony. You may find exactly what you would like to say within these pages, but you are certainly not limited to only the words that are here. These words are to help you think of what you would want expressed on your very special day. It is my desire that the words that are said during your ceremony will be remembered many years after your wedding day and will serve as the foundation of your marriage. We are never limited by what you find within the pages of the Creation of Your Wedding Ceremony booklet. You may have something in mind, or, as we work together, we may come up with something new and different. That's really exciting!

To begin the process of creating your ceremony, we will schedule our second meeting. Again, this second meeting will be relaxed, informal, and held whenever and wherever may be convenient. The purpose of this second meeting is for you to share with me your thoughts on what you would like expressed in your wedding ceremony. You may have found wording within the Creation of Your Wedding Ceremony booklet that expresses what you want or provided you with inspiration for your ceremony. It will be my job to do the actual writing of your ceremony.