Conducting Your Rehearsal

Is a rehearsal necessary? No, but I have found that everyone feels much more at ease on the wedding day if we have had a rehearsal. The rehearsal allows us to go over everything from the seating of your guests through to the time of the reception.

The first time through the ceremony we discuss:

  • The signals we will use that your ceremony is about to begin
  • How the music will be handled
  • The seating of the bride and groom’s parents
  • The location and lining up of the wedding party prior to the processional
  • Path of the processional
  • The order and pairings of the wedding party
  • Where and how the wedding party will be standing, including the bride and groom
  • Details within the ceremony; such as unity candle ceremony, sand ceremony, rose ceremony – location of any of these items; if readers are used where they will standing, etc.
  • The order of the recessional
  • How guests will be greeted by the bride and groom after the ceremony – such as receiving line, etc.
  • When and where will the marriage license be signed by the witnesses
  • Assuring readers are comfortable with their readings
  • Any other details that may need to be gone over – like availability and location of microphones